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 The lord of the Shadow Crystal

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PostSubject: The lord of the Shadow Crystal   Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:00 pm

This story is about Pokemon rangers who try to arrest a person called Stranger and have miserably failed. Therefore, you rangers are top rangers and will try their best to arrest him. Stranger wants a world with spirits, cold lonely spirits to remove emotion from the world; quite similiarly to what Cyrus planned to do. However, Stranger must obtain a crystal called the Shadow Crystal to do so.


Stranger: Charon
Rangers: You.
Hmph, I want all of you grunts finding crystals. You must reveil the shadow crystal from this mine and give it to me, or so be it; there'll be consequences. If this crystal is not obtained, put shadow bombs in the mine and blow it up with no symphony.

Report back to base when finished, I said as I got amongst a no longer invisible ship. I turned on cloaking devices and left for the Team Shadow base. The whole world will be mine eventually, and no pathetic people will stop me. Twisted Evil


43 frames of funniness.
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The lord of the Shadow Crystal
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