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 Recent threats

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PostSubject: Recent threats   Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:07 am

I shall be fully honest with everyone on the whole forum. I've been threatened by Monasti and Diannix lately, and I've decided to make a spring back to my rightful position. Therefore, I've censored unnecessary areas throughout the text where you can find out all the threats I've been receiving...

Monasti's threats:
Monasti wrote:
You deserve to die. You butt into peoples
conversations and lives. You are a d**k. A sorry, eleven year old,
stuck up d**k.

Monasti wrote:

I hope you are happy. Your s**t is
offending my friends, and one of them has quit. You are all so high and
mighty, and you think you are always right. Its a load of Bollocks. You
are just a sour eleven year old with no life who enjoys bullying
others. This will stop. Now. Or else.

Also, you have no right to
treat ANYONE this way. You treat people as though they are idiots. If i
was an admin, you would be banned by now. Lying about s**t, cheating,
abusing powers. Its all a load of bulls**t. And you want to be global
moderator. Well, to be global moderator you need to be nice, kind, and
able to follow rules. Out of those, you are none.

Diannix's Threat:

Diannix wrote:
No offense, but who the hell do you think you are?
get back my position and moderate all the forums I used to moderate. My
road to pursuing global moderator nears along the way. Also, a present
for the users; I will now be able to be of assistance in posting games.'

Fat chance of that happening.
Do you think you should own the site or something?
You are a snob.Yeah that's right, I went there

My opinion:

Put an end to this. I've put Uzi on the case and even though you have respected positions as Writers, you will be banned. It's either ending this or inclining to a ban. If either of you are reading this, you should immediately stop this or I'll report THIS FORUM for your work. Yes, Nintendo Peeps users (apart from these two), it's just to put an end to 2 people. Please understand the plot here, as I will not delete the forum. Wink

I've displaced a reported abuse form to the administration panel. Do NOT mark resolved if not completed. I want Monasti and Diannix banned or I'm out of here, out of my favourite forum. Neutral It's either you ban them and save me the effort, or I ban them myself. Wink

Yours sincerely,


43 frames of funniness.
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Dark Angelica
Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Recent threats   Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:25 am

Go on then ban me. but it ain't gonna stop me from coming back. Your only doing this to gain smyphathy and friends and you are trying to make people turn on us.
But I dont care. Because we're still gonna be friends(me and monasti) YOU aint gonna change that

Plus: yes I have quit. But after hearing what youre saying about me and Ive decided its time to stick up for myself.
So shut up and stop announcing everything u wanna do to the entire world

Plus: Just beacuse you dont like us, you have to get rid of us dont you. Have you ever bothered about what other people might think?
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Forum Moderator
Forum Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Recent threats   Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:44 am

My opinion


What i think of you
You are actually an idiot.
I never thought moderators were supposed to be this immature.

What i think you are doing

Being a complete idiot

What i think you should do


A punishment, or not???

Go on , ban me. I dare you. Dynamic IP ftw.

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Age : 29
Location : Where earth, fire, air, and water meet
Registration date : 2009-02-20
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PostSubject: Re: Recent threats   Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:51 am

Shut the heck up, and Cloudstar! Don't try to make yourself any good. Infractions are being given away to all three of you!!!!!!

Yes, somebody's going to be banned soon, if this doesn't stop! And if you make another account, you'll be banned again!!!




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PostSubject: Re: Recent threats   

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Recent threats
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