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 Favorite Quotes

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PostSubject: Favorite Quotes   Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:29 pm

What is/are your favorite quote(s)?. Here is one of my favorites.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

So, what are your(s)?

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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:09 pm

Quote :
I am not sure if good-bye threads are allowed here, and if they aren't, feel free to lock this or delete this thread. So yeah, I am leaving Nintendopeeps. I have made some great friends here. Marc and Uzi, well, I can still see you at, Avatar and Anne Bonney, I will miss you also. Pokemonrock(my best bud), I still do see you at, but not as much as I used to. Sorry if I am forgetting some people.

Good Bye,

That is now that my buddy is back.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:26 pm

So you've now returned? Glorious days! Welcome back!

And, now my quote:
The world always shines like the sun, sharing similarities like the burn of the heart, of love, of forever.


43 frames of funniness.
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:42 pm

Yay! Very Happy:D:D:D
" Never underestimate the power... of the Waddle Dee."


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Anne Bonney


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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:37 pm

Ooh, my favourite quotes!....but I like quotes that are either funny or meaningful, so I'll just go with the meaningful quotes for now :


"How is it that you are so brave while the rest of us shake in our boots?"
" I don't think of what might happen, only what must be done."
~The Village

Of every quote I know, this is the one that I consciously think to myself the most (the second line)…I live by it nowadays. Although it only truly works if know where you want to end up; so working that out is the most tricky part ^_^


"...Take the universe and grind it down to the finest powder and sieve it through the finest sieve and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy. And yet-"
"Yes, but people have got to believe that (those concepts), or what's the point -"
"My point exactly."
~The Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

In ten seconds, reading this part of a story completely changed the way I looked at humanity and human ideas (like justice, mercy,duty, etc).

It also – along with other thoughts/events – helped pull me away from Atheism when I was younger. Just like with religion, people can’t see these human ideas, but they believe in them, and they’re there, and they have a significant effect...


"Show me how a time-bound child can travel through the end of time!"
"Because", shouted Teresa, "because you aren't the end of time, but the beginning!...Look!" She pointed at the gap between the head and tail of the snake-bracelet. ""See? Out of the end flows a new, separate beginning."
~The Dream Merchant

Not sure what struck me about this quote, but I haven’t read the book in four years and I still remember those lines, so I stuck it in here Razz There’s just something so brilliantly positive about the idea that every end is in fact a new beginning – it’s beyond explaining!


"I wish that none of this had ever happened"
"...So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. What we must decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"
~Lord of the Rings

A tad dramatic, but if ever I get some bad stroke of luck, then I just think of this quote and carry on xD


"Could it be that the trees of Fangorn were awake, and the forest was rising, marching to war?"
~The Lord of the Rings

I like it for its eco-warrior, ‘nature personified and getting its own justice’ feeling =D I always believed that nature as a whole should be less exploited, more respected.


The Bird's Race to reach the Creator to find the king of the birds:
"With only a few yards to go to the waiting outstretched hand of the Creator, Martial Eagle slackened his speed. This was his undoing, as Honeyguide took off like a streak of lightning from Martial Eagle's shoulder, and flew straight into the Creator's open hand. Honeyguide had won the race.
"Such brains and daring deserve to lead the feathered ones!" said the Creator. "Do not always look to size and strength for wisdom and cunning!"
*Honeyguide - a small brown bird

~From an African folk story

Isn’t it great how birds cheat too xD I just liked this tale! If I’d take anything from it…it’s that there’s never any need to be intimidated or over-awed by anyone else, as long as you can make the best of your own talents and abilities =D


And finally, a part of a poem… firstly, I hate almost all the work of this poet, Philip Larkin. It’s often grotesque, depressing, atheistic, and mundane. But the last poem in his book we studied, is quite the opposite… it’s about people who died in an explosion in a mine, and the poet talks about their ‘life after death’.

"The dead go on before us, they
Are sitting in God's house in
We shall see them face to face –

Plain as lettering in the chapels
It was said, and for a second
Wives saw men of the explosion

Larger than in life they managed -
Gold as on a coin, or walking
Somehow from the sun towards them,

One showing the eggs unbroken."

The image of some soul in the hereafter, framed in front of the sun and holding fragile bird eggs safely in his hand, even after a violent death….beautiful. And the eggs symbolise hope ^__^


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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:09 am

"The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was."

Not sure who said that one, but it stuck out at me.

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
~ John Wooden ~

This one stood out because it applies to me. I'm always so worried about what other people think of me, and as much as I hate it, I can't stop. I need to start thinking of this quote, I guess XD
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PostSubject: Re: Favorite Quotes   

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Favorite Quotes
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