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 How My First Two Weeks Of Aion Were A Fail

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PostSubject: How My First Two Weeks Of Aion Were A Fail   Sat May 08, 2010 7:11 pm

Here's my true story of two weeks in [Only admins are allowed to see this link].
Day Zero Aion: The second DVD fails repeatedly to be recognized. I find a fix online and get it. After a 800 MB patch download and some hours later, the installer fails at verifying files and tells me so. I have to start all over again. Never had this happen. I can't. I have a D/L limit. I finally cancel at my own risk. This has taken all night. Apparently the game will start anyway.
Day One: My first character. I grab some quests in the start village. I'm excited. I need some Azpha plants for a quest. I run out of the village. I run up to my first little purple herb! It says Azpha! I can't get it! Someone else clicked the herb from *behind me* at a distance, somehow [Only admins are allowed to see this link] ninja-ing my first herb from my level two character. He stands there on top of me and takes it all, even though I got there first. I'm shocked. I say something to him.
He tells me to STFU.
Day Two: I start deleting RMT spam from my mailbox and putting gold sellers on my block list.
Day Three: Auction House. No auto-fill for items. The search feature is basically a fail. The flight routes from the start area to Altgard are so expensive that they consumed over 5% of everything I'd saved, one way.
Day Ten: another node ninja'd. I have to spend an ENTIRE DAY AND NIGHT camping and harvesting nodes in the L10-L20 areas order to get my collecting skills up so I [Only admins are allowed to see this link] can harvest in the L20-L25 area.
Day Eleven: I quit the SM and went to a cleric main. SM has a fraction of the pet functionality I'm used to, plus you have to *manually* attack with your pet by pressing buttons for it. Fail.
Day Twelve: training is so expensive that despite saving and selling everything on the AH, my skill training at L22 costs about *half* of everything I've saved. Supposedly it gets much worse. I'm told by someone in my legion that the Aion game mechanics almost force people to buy gold.
Day Thirteen: my legion leader begs for an hour in legion chat for someone to buy him a ticket with real money for an appearance change for his L20 alt since he's broke in RL and has already borrowed 2 much from his sister? Later, I am ganked repeatedly while trying to kill little bouncing fungi. The L35 ganker is a ranger twinked to the max based on the armory. I am L25. She sneaks up and hits me while I'm fighting.
Day Fourteen: I realize that I [Only admins are allowed to see this link] still need like 1.5 million XP to go from L25 to L26. Grinding mobs is far more efficient than the mostly useless quest rewards at this point, so I start grinding out the next 25 levels.
Day Fifteen: I read the 1.9 patch notes. I quit my cleric grind and go to my sorc. I grinded + healing gear for months in LotRO when they added the stat, and I don't want to deal with another + healing stat. Just no. Two sets of gear to get. Punishment for healers. A group needs warm bodies for BC. I am summarily declined a spot. I note that the leader is also a sorc. He wants to be the only cloth-wearer so he gets all the drops. I see in chat that this is common.
Day Sixteen-ish (today): I get another group to do BC. I drop my grind and pay a chunk of coin to go to Altgard. A few minutes later I'm booted from the group with no explanation. I thought I was nice. I was the only person to properly greet in group chat (a greeting which went unanswered). After repeated attempts to get an explanation from the leader, my whisper [Only admins are allowed to see this link] is finally answered: "dood sorry my guildie needed it."
I add Chikkinsammich and Hoepwner to my growing ignore list. (Names altered slightly to protect real identities--I don't know the forums rules here about naming people).
Ganking is rampant, and the main Elyos gankers seem to be Buttassassin (I assume he's an assassin) and HeyaBillyMaysIsHair (again names slightly altered). I am playing on the Lumiel, RP server. I play on an RP server because ideally I don't want to see these kinds of trash names in a fantasy RPG.
According to posts on the forums from people wanting to transfer to this server (the poll thread in the general), this server has reputably one of the best communities in Aion.
That's my venting. I don't know if I'm done playing this game or [Only admins are allowed to see this link] not. I don't even know if I can. Just really frustrated. Flame away.
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PostSubject: Re: How My First Two Weeks Of Aion Were A Fail   Sun May 09, 2010 5:28 pm

This is my third time of telling you that this Aion stuff shouldn't be posted on here. Maybe you can find a forum that is dedicated to the game?

Sorry, it's just that you won't find a captive audience to listen about this game. Try posting stuff about Nintendo games like Pokemon or something.

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How My First Two Weeks Of Aion Were A Fail
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