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 My Hands-On With Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo DS

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PostSubject: My Hands-On With Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo DS   Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:53 pm

As much as I have enjoyed playing the various 3D Marios of the past few years, New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS might be my favorite Mario game of all time. It's up there, anyway. And happily, Super Mario 3D Land feels very close to that game, both in terms of design and vibe.
I started off in an underground level, with a slightly remixed version of Koji Kondo's familiar "You are now underground" music playing.
I continued over and through some Goombas, and was struck by how the 3DS's much-maligned 3D effect really did help me navigate the level.
The game features several variations on the typical Mario coin-block - some are three blocks long and give three times as many coins.
Mario can actually enter some of the blocks to take part in a cordoned off challenge room.
As I worked through the underground level, I uncovered a few large coins, which went into a persistent collection.
The start of the next level, however, was entirely different. There's also a binocular-based minigame—in the level I played, Toad could barely be seen waving his hands around at the top of the screen.
This second level felt much more distinctive than the first one—I progressed forward and down, dropping and jumping from platform to platform.
After hitting the ending flagpole, I found out what the coins are for—they can be used to unlock bonus worlds. I spent a few coins to unlock a cloud world filled with open tracks and rolling green platforms.
Moving through the level was fairly straightforward, but there were several bits where in order to get all the coins and boxes, I had to turn my platform around, or use jets of water to ramp it up to higher tracks.
The final level was a castle level containing a boss fight against Bowser, which was actually a bit of a letdown.
All things considered, Super Mario 3D Land is looking like a fun buncha jumping and squashing, with the colorful graphics and variety we've come to expect from a Mario game. To buy a Super Mario 3D Land CD is not very expansible but if you have an R4 DS card, may be you can download freely from internet. Anyway, it is desirable to have a try.
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PostSubject: Re: My Hands-On With Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo DS   Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:04 pm

the last level actually isnt bowzer castle but when mario (and weegee)slide from the top of every pole,and get every star coin,it unlocks a new levl that be suuuupppperrr hard!:roll:just correcting ya....
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My Hands-On With Super Mario 3D Land on Nintendo DS
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