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 Itunes top ten

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Anne Bonney


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PostSubject: Itunes top ten   Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:48 pm

Whether you have Itunes, or perhaps another type of songlist on your computer, find out by arranging the playcount column in order which songs you've listened to the may be surprised what comes up! If you don't have any such programs, then perhaps you'd like to post what you expect are your top ten most played songs, though it's probably more fun to do it the first way!

It may also be interesting to find who holds the title for the single song that has been played the most....

Well, here's what came up for me:

Dark Phoenix's Tragedy - 82 plays
Chikyu Kyoumel (Resonace Of Earth) - 80 plays
The Quiet Man / the Solstice / the Silver Spire - 71 plays
Hellfire - 66 plays
Primavera - 66 plays
Spirit Of The Season - 64 plays
Underwater March - 64 plays
Evacuating London - 59 plays
Seeds of Life - 59 plays
English Folk Song Suite: I. March: Seventeen Come Sunday - 58 plays

Not very impressive play counts someone else can do better!

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PostSubject: Re: Itunes top ten   Wed Mar 04, 2009 10:17 pm

Ah here goes.

Flobots;Handlebars 209 Plays
Flobots;Rise 207 Plays
Flobots;Same Thing 200 Plays
Flobots;Fight with Tools 200 Plays
T.I; Swagga Like Us 179 Plays
Alesana;Goodbye Goodnight for Good 154 Plays
Death Note;Theme 132 Plays
Hollywood Undead;Undead 130 Plays
Kanye West ft.Jay-Z;Diamond are Forever[Remix] 127 Plays
Flobots;Combat 124 Plays.
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Itunes top ten
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