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 Clan War Etiquette MUST BE UNDERSTOOD

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PostSubject: Clan War Etiquette MUST BE UNDERSTOOD   Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:03 pm

Here are some of the basics that all clans should know when challenging one another.

1. Be respectful of one another. No name calling of any sort (like swearing). Noob and other words like that will not be accepted. (Even if the other team was pathetic, you could say like nice try, but we just over-powered you and stuff like that). There will also be NO racial name calling as well. (Immediate ban?) I don't want any spam and flame wars here, just game wars.

2. Games that have histories of being hacked to win, are not acceptable. No one is allowed to hack in these competitions. Every group of warring clans will have a mod to designate one neutral person (or the neutral mod themselves, even though that will be looked into) to hack check their team. One person per team. Before every challenge, that person will report the people that hacked. Those people will be given a chance to fix themselves and be checked again (hopefully, the person isn't hacking this time). If there is any doubts of another person's win after the battle/race, etc., the designated person will come forth with a "yes, they hacked" or a "no". If a "yes", that person gets an automatic disqualification for THE WHOLE TEAM. Pretty harsh, yes? WRONG, it's fair.

3. Every team can only designate an EXACT five people to participate in the clan war. No more, no less. These competitions are going to be survival matches. If you lose you're out.


1 vs. 2 1 wins
3 vs. 4 4 wins
5 vs. 6 6 wins
7 vs. 8 7 wins
9 vs. 10 9 wins

The team of 1,3,5,7,9 won three times while the team of 2,4,6,8,10 won twice.
Team 1,3,5,7,9 wins the clan war.

Variations (not number of people who can participate though) depending on the game and the agreement of both teams are accepted (Brawl could be a stock or time battle for instance).

Be warned, spamming in games is frowned upon.

Challenges can be made anywhere like the hubs, but the results have to be posted in a thread on this section.

First, we actually need some clan wars :p


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