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 General rule for the rp area

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PostSubject: General rule for the rp area   Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:37 pm

This will be the general rules for the role playing section, those who do not follow these rules will be subject to disciplinary action.

The role playing section should be and can be the most fun you will have on this site, and in order to keep it this way we have decided we need some rules.

1. No God modding. God modding is modifying another players character in such a way that you gain the advantage, this is mostly a problem in rp's where two rpers battle their characters. If you are accused God modding we will review and decide amongst the staff.

2. No discriminatory remarks or storylines. This is something I feel strongly about, if there are cases of this I will review it and auto ban for this. I hope the other staff agrees, this is not a racist site and all forms of racism is not tolerated.

3. Keep it active. Do your best to try and keep your rp active, if it is an rp battle you both will set a time and a time limit for the battle, when the time limit is up get a mod to judge it, or take it to a poll. All rps that are inactive for a month will be deleted, just to keep the forum cleared of old rps.

5. No profanity- please remember we are all not adults, we do have minors on this site, so keep it clean of profanity.
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General rule for the rp area
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