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 Your Nature

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PostSubject: Your Nature   Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:54 am

What kind of natures do you think that you have? It doesn't have to be a nature from Pokemon. Just any nature. Please explain why you think you have a certain nature.
Here are mine:

Serious nature: Sure, I love to have fun, but when it comes down to work, I always get serious
Kind Nature: I like to be very kind and hate to get involved in arguments. When I do get mixed up in one, I always try to settle it
Obedient Nature:I always pay attention well at school and not play around when the teacher is teaching(though I do get bored)
Quiet Nature:I am very quiet around the house and at school.
Playful Nature:Love to play fun and exciting activities. Sometimes I get too play and have too much fun XD.
Those were more like Character Traits that I said describes me.

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Anne Bonney


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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:05 pm

Hmmm, natures, sounds like it could amuse me for a while =D

Thoughtful nature: I don't mean this in the 'thoughtful-always remembers people's birthdays' type of thoughtful...rather, I think about everything a million times over, until I feel I understand it ^^ And if I still don't understand it, be sure that I'll still be trying to work it out =P

Natural Nature: If I ever am sad or experience failure, I can take solace in that I feel completely happy simply by walking into the wild woods by my home. Nothing is more wonderful in my opinion than that green world beyond the boundaries of human interference. Hopefully I'll be able to do my part to protect it in later life ^^

Ditsy nature: I'm so forgetful, that sometimes it's not even funny, particularly for the ones I'm answerable to =P

Diplomatic nature: Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! I don't like confronting people, but I will still try and find solutions.

Eccentric nature: Not in all situations, I am dead-pan serious at home usually. But catch me sometimes, say at school, and I can be a bit bizzare - my dress-style harks to eccentricity as well xD

Scholarly nature: whether I like it or not, I'm headed for a future which involves me reading thousands upon thousands of books in an ancient library, putting on a profound philosophical expression and saying "ah yes, but revisionists may disagree with the Marxist connotations within this historian's polemic"....ah, the joy (starting in Autumn)!

Friendly nature, bordering on socially insecure xD : I make it the point of my life to be kind, and a positive presence in the lives of others ^^ It makes my day if someone says thank you for helping them with some negligible task, or breaks it if someone is unnecessarily unfriendly. Sometimes though, I try to be liked to the point where I compromise what I'm actually thinking (this isn't the case when I'm with friends, by the way). I'm working on that issue though =)

Rocksteady nature: No matter what, I'll always try above all else to support others when my help is needed. I can wear a brave face in all manner of situations, and save my own disquiet for later. It can be trying, but at the end of it all I feel better for having been 'rocksteady' =)

That'll about do it! Hehe...



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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:13 pm

Friendly Nature: I really like to make friends here at Peeps, and FC.
Sarcastic Nature: Sometimes I tend to fool around, telling my best friend 'Hey! Don't enter our fort!'
Creative Nature: I like to draw. I once(today :p) had an idea for a Mario Kart race track, and drew it.


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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:48 pm

silly nature- I am a silly person, I have alot of jokes and silly stuff to say.

intellegent nature- as silly as I am I am also very intellegent, my jokes stem from knowledge and puns I know through my education, I am always down to talk about history, anthropology, science, religion and politics.

artistic nature- I am very artistic, I draw and play music, I love to sing and look at all kinds of artwork, I also like to write.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:37 am

i dont know what kind of nature i would be, but if i would have to choose i think it would be.....

Friendly Nature - i love making new friends, doesnt matter what age (unless ur like 30). i love having fun and hanging out with friends.

Daring Nature - im up for anything, any challenges. i love experiencing new things, any dares i will do. unless they are like really stupid.

Loving Nature - although alot of ppl come in and out of my life for no apparent reasons, i still love them as friends, just like i do family. i love basically everything, i wouldn't hurt anyone, im a lover, not a fighter, but i will definantley fight for something i love.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:21 am

id have to be a

serious nature

calm nature
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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:46 pm

Shy: I'm uncomfortable with people i dont know
Confident:I have a high self-esteem...but i dont brag
Caring: I care about people
Quick-Tempered:I Can easily get angered...but im quiet so it's not a big deal quiet
Curious: I am EXTREMELY curious
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PostSubject: Re: Your Nature   

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Your Nature
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