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 Animal Crossing: Wild World

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PostSubject: Animal Crossing: Wild World   Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:04 am

my opinion on animal crossing world wide

Looking to score a perfect headshot? Totally stumped by the boss at the end of level three? Of course not you're playing Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Animal Crossing Wild World!The third of the series released in December 5, 2005!I have to say that I was really Excited to get this game!When I did,I loved it!The world overall was amazing.It had a lot of effects from the original game!Although,the Map was smaller then I would have thought! lol

Does this sound boring to you? Well, then, maybe this game isn't for you. It's slower than most games, and meant to be played maybe half an hour a day once you get in the groove of things. There's no action, just a lot of talking and exploring the ins and outs of this complex little game from nintendo. So consider yourself forewarned, but also know that this is a fan-favorite for a reason. If you approach with an open mind, you could easily be just as hooked as the massive fan base.

One of the biggest additions is the online aspect. Yes, Wild World is online via NIntendo's WiFi connection, just like Mario Kart. Animal Crossing is a bit more limited in that you need to have friend codes to go online, but it isn't hard to find these on any video game board (nintendo runs their own forums that do this, though I'd suggest or one of the many specialty Animal Crossing sites). This allows you to go to their town, and you go to theirs, and even interact together on the same screen. It's much bigger and more ambitious, especially if you know plenty of people with the game. While the idea of friend codes might be limiting, it keeps you from having random malicious gamers run in and ruin your town, helping you control the flow of visitors into your town in a respectful way.

Simply-put, Animal Crossing Wild World is a vast improvement on the first game, if only because of the stylus control. But with all the new features, it's the kind of game that will encourage you to play it every day for a year or more, growing more and more involved with it. It's worth a look at, to see if it's for you. If it is, you won't be disappointed.

I am deffenetly not I was hooked on this game I played in in the morning in noon and night in bed under covers at mueseums even on the bog and in the shower lol!

So I highly recomend Animal Crossing Wild World
but my lil-sis liked it and couldnt afford it so I gave it to her Embarassed

So I hope you get this wonderfull experince known as Animal Crossing an i hope you like my review took me 11 days and 3 hours to write it
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PostSubject: Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World   Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:02 pm

Very nice review Darku!

Please Click my Egg!
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Animal Crossing: Wild World
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