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 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- DS

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Lady Mega


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PostSubject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- DS   Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:21 pm

Lady Mega here again with another review.
This review is on the start of the pokemon Mystery Dungeon series
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue team( Pic above)- on Nintendo DS
A game that also came out with this is Red Rescue team(Pic Below) which is for the gameboy advance

Now with the review!

Introducing the newest pokemon- YOU!
You assume the role of a human who has been transformed into a Pokémon and whisked off to a disaster-plagued continent populated by wild Pokémon. After arriving in a tiny forest, you are greeted by another Pokémon and you both decide to form a rescue team. The purpose of a rescue team is to help other Pokémon that have somehow become trapped in dungeons. This serves as all the excuse the game needs to constantly send you into dungeons, as Pokémon are constantly delivering mission requests to your mailbox. The overall story, which can take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete,
Nintendo and ChunSoft have simply taken a dungeon hack that ChunSoft has produced for numerous other publishers in the past and integrated the Pokémon franchise's characters and a few of its key concepts into it. The real kicker, though, is that ChunSoft's game wasn't that good to begin with, and the injection of Pokémon elements hasn't done a thing to change that.
Although The games for DS and GBA look different-
They are just the same. Well almost.
All you do in the PMD games are:
Go on missions

Sometimes, because of CPU(Computers) controlling all the other people in your team apart from yourself- sometimes you could be facing someone really hard and then the computers will go pick a move that wont do anything to your opponent and then next thing you know you have died/you are history!

What is the purpose of you as a pokemon in the PMD games?
To find out why the world is collasping/falling apart

A couple of years later........Nintendo released the sequels:
Explorers of Time
Explorers of Darkness

My rating out of 10 for Blue Rescue Team? 6/10

~Lady Mega
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team- DS
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