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 Disgaea, DOOD!!!

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PostSubject: Disgaea, DOOD!!!   Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:29 pm

Just starting a thread that I'm almost 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999991% sure no one will know what is... Suspect

Disgaea 1: Hour of Darkness(Or Afternoon of Darkness for you PSP-ers lol! )
Main Characters-
Prince(Overlord) Laharl
Bio: In the beginning of the game he wakes up from a two-year nap and finds that his father, the former overlord, had died and the entire netherworld has begun to fight over who will be the next Overlord. Enraged that the netherworld would forget him so easily he sets out to take back what should rightfully be his.......BY FORCE!!!
FAV QUOTE: "I can't just make off with this or that thing I like as Overlord I have to be impartial and
.................................................................PLUNDER EVERYTHING!!!"

Vassal? Etna
Bio: Etna served under Laharl's father, however, her memories were stolen by the demon Maderas who wished to become Overlord. He had her poison Prince Laharl and he took care of having the Overlord killed. Etna planned all along to betray Maderas, she bought out the prinny squad he had placed to keep her in check and even gave Prince Laharl a sleeping potion. In the beginning of the game she employs a great many weapons to wake Laharl up!!
FAV QUOTE: "Bang I love you "

Angel Trainee Flonne
Bio: Flonne is a love fanatic angel trainee. In the third chapter of the game she is sent to the Netherworld from Celestia in order to assassinate the Overlord. However, the overlord she was sent to kill was already dead and after summoning a rather weak dragon to try and make mincemeat out of Laharl and Etna she decides to stay with them and see if it's true that demons can't be sad because as she says...
FAV QUOTE: "If that's true and you can't feel sadness that you can't feel love either.....that's just horrible," Sad

Captain Gordon 37th defender of earth
Bio: Along with his loyal sidekicks Jennifer and Thursday he was sent to the Netherworld to defeat the overlord of the netherworld and claim it for earth. However, his plans were changed against his will....

Jennifer Clutzy Sidekick
Bio: Jennifer is just along for the ride....

Super Robot Thursday
Bio: Thursday was created by Jennifer and comes along for most of their trips.

Primary enemies-
The Dark Adonis Vyers
Bio: He is that one ridiculously difficult boss you have to fight four or five times in the game(they're everywhere these days). He is the self proclaimed Dark Adonis and had Laharl not stopped him he probably would have taken over the Netherworld. However most people call him Mid-Boss belying his difficulty and skill
Fave Quote "M, m, m, MID boss!! How dare you speak to me in such a way I am the Dark Adonis!!"

Maderas the subplot
Bio: Maderas's goal was to overthrow Laharl after he finally wrested control of the netherworld into his grasp. Etna leaked all of the Prince's weaknesses to Maderas who proceeded to exploit them. However in the end Maderas begs you to spare his life after Etna turns the tables on him and becomes a completely useless subplot character.
FAV QUOTE N/A He's a Subplot for crying out loud

Android Kurtis
Bio: Kurtis was a researcher for the Earth Defense Force. He despises Captain Gordon and sees him as unfit to be Defender of Earth because of an incident in which Kurtis lost over 80% of his body and his family. Judging from references in Disgaea 2 I assume that Kurtis makes up fro his past and becomes the 38th Defender of Earth.
FAV QUOTE "Back then I lost over 80% of my body and with soul."

Bio: Honestly I didn't get far enough to know this because I kept losing to Kurtis.

Any more character Bios? Wanna discuss the game? Want me to post for Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories? Just let me know
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PostSubject: Re: Disgaea, DOOD!!!   Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:49 am

Wow, all that 'blabber' about the game, for just to let it go to trash - I salute you, 9thHarlequin! Wink



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Disgaea, DOOD!!!
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