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 ~ThE UnToUcHaBlE SmAsHeR 7 Clan~

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PostSubject: ~ThE UnToUcHaBlE SmAsHeR 7 Clan~   Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:52 pm

~Untouchable Smasher 7~ {»Ùς7«}

Hello, my name is Darrien and I am still looking for good/pro brawlers. Our goal is to destroy all clans and to become #1 clan, we will not be satisfied until we have slain all clans. So play to win not to whine by words.If you’re here just to have fun in this clan then don’t bother showing up because we are on a mission, we don’t need interference. So join the fight, have fun, seek no less than others, come and join the Untouchable Smasher 7 Clan.

Well this is all of our clan members in the US7 clan.



Co Leaders:



5. Nuts
6. iPresea
7. Killerobi170
8. Oshiyama
9. Peacock
10. Gun51
11. FEStrata
12. Zakbrawler
13. PikachuKami
14. YoungLink
15. Maceflow66
16. S2H
17. Lordicarus
18. Secret
19. Shadowxpeed
20. Link6321
21. Nic134
22. Weee
23. Rofl
24. Diddydude
25. Luffy
26. M1n1M3x1can
27. Dark Meta Knight
28. LilZack14
29. Ganondorf12345


- Be Active on the clan site
- No Spamming/flaming on this thread
- Be Respectful at all times
- No Items and dont be a coward
- you can use any character
- I need your brawl code just post it on the site
- 3 or 4 stocks when playing
- Stage will be Final Destination or any other neutral stages
- Respect clan members
- Training at least once a week


#1- Leave your fc
#2- wii user name
#3- And leave your wifi name
#4- 3 or 4 Stocks, Best 2/3, No items, Can use any character, and neutral stages only

Waiting to be tested


Clan war records:

Clan Allies:
-Elemental 16 (Leader:FEStrata)
-Dark Comets (Leader:Gun51)
-The Lengendary Marth Brawlers (Leader:Killerobi170)
-The Hollow Brawlers (Leader:Monkeydude)

Register at the clan site:

Site Link:
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

We, will need someone that actually knows how to manage a Administration control Panel to help us out when we are gone and such.

Admin: DracoBlaze943, MR809
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Ganondorf Spirits Group

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PostSubject: Re: ~ThE UnToUcHaBlE SmAsHeR 7 Clan~   Sun May 17, 2009 7:32 am

I don't think this clan is attracting members from here. Locked.


My avatar shows what I do to rule breakers. Dark blue is your bane. XD
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~ThE UnToUcHaBlE SmAsHeR 7 Clan~
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